Freedom was the biggest advantage to their program.

William Werner '08

The professors are compassionate, they understand we're adult learners going back to school—some for the first time.

Rhonda Moses '08

It's in both worlds – a brick and mortar campus and an online program.

Don Gunter '09

It's not just out there to pump out degrees so you can have the piece of paper. They require you to grasp the skills.

Angie Black '08

Life happens. They were very accommodating, very supportive.

Elizabeth Dantism '08

The perseverance to earn your degree means a lot to employers.

Nicole Smithson-Harris '08

It was something I wanted to accomplish for myself and my family. They look at me and say, 'If Granddad can do it at 65, I can do it."

Don Tapia '05, '07

With my criminal justice degree completed, I am now moving on to law school.

Victor Frederick '10

Student Voices

A Saint Leo University degree connects you with a global network of some 6,000 adult distance learners.

Like you, these students have chosen to advance their personal and professional goals through online education. Today, they are earning promotions, starting new career paths, and pursuing graduate degrees.

With a degree from Saint Leo, they are finishing what they started, and starting something new.

Hear directly from these students why they picked Saint Leo University, and how this decision is changing their lives.

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