Realize a Dream

Walk across the stage and receive your diploma. This is the moment you've been working toward.

Graduation day at Saint Leo University Click to play the Saint Leo graduation video.

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Graduation Day at Saint Leo University

When you join our learning community of more than 16,000 teachers and students, you also join in a shared commitment—to finish what you started. Everyone knows the challenges, and that’s all the more reason to celebrate your success at graduation day.

Graduation Day Brings Us Together

Our community includes nearly 1,900 traditional-age students at our main Florida campus, some 7,000 active duty military and others studying at our 17 continuing education centers, and nearly 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students like you—pursuing a degree from a recognized leader in online education.

Each graduate has a distinct story to tell—reaching their education and career goals, often overcoming more than their share of obstacles and setbacks.

An Invitation to Visit

Since our founding in 1889 as the first Catholic college in Florida, we have set deep roots at our Florida campus, located in Pasco County, 35 miles north of Tampa. Each May, students from across North America and the world attend the annual graduation day ceremonies.

From the historic Saint Leo Abbey to our new state-of-the-art School of Business, you will find a vibrant campus alive with celebration. As a Saint Leo University student, you join a growing network of alumni who are making a difference for their family, community, and country.