Renelda Merzius

Name: Renelda Merzius

Hometown: Miami, FL

Education: B.S. Sports Entertainment and Event Management, Johnson and Wales University; M.B.A., Saint Leo University

Years at Saint Leo: 2 years

Favorite Artist: Celine Dion

Hobbies: Traveling, working out, nature

Favorite Food: Dumpling Soup

When Renelda was earning her M.B.A. at Saint Leo, she’ll tell you she didn’t have a life. She worked full time, using her lunch time to complete class work. The key to earning her degree was managing her time and staying dedicated to her studies. So Renelda knows where her students are coming from when they tell her how busy and challenging their lives are. Because she’s been there, Renelda hopes she can now motivate and help her students succeed at whatever phase of their lives they are in while attending Saint Leo. Renelda believes that nothing in life is easy and that dedication and hard work will pay off. Consider Renelda your own motivational speaker, which just so happens to be a job she says she’d be working in if she wasn’t a student advisor.