Angela McKoy

Name: Angela McKoy

Hometown: Cambria Heights, NY

Education: B.A. Business Administration, Saint Leo University; Ph.D, Computer Information Management, Walden University (expected spring 2014)

Years at Saint Leo: 10 years

Favorite Concert Experience: Prince

Hobbies: Traveling, biking, and cooking

Favorite Food: Pasta

Boston fans, beware! Student advisor and Saint Leo COM 140 professor Angela McKoy is an avid Yankee fan, hailing from Cambria Heights, NY. She’s also no stranger to computer systems and hardware. Prior to Saint Leo, she taught high school computer classes, was a program manager at Valencia Community College, and worked in help desk support for Osceola County. She joined Saint Leo because she had an excellent advisor when she attended the university, and wants to give back the same quality of service to students today. Her advice: Set a schedule for your week and do a little work each day. Also, take advantage of the four days your classes will be open before the official first day of class. Download your syllabus, review your assignments, and get familiar with the course. She hopes her students take this advice, even if they do root for the Boston team.