Amantha Terwilliger

Name: Amantha Terwilliger

Hometown: Cortland, NY

Education: A.A. Early Childhood, Tompkins Cortland Community College; A.S. Medical Billing and Coding, Everest University; B.S. Higher Education Management, Everest University; M.Ed. Dual Concentration of Distance Learning and Mathematics Instruction, Ashford University; Currently pursuing a B.S. Psychology, Saint Leo University

Years at Saint Leo: 1 year

Favorite Concert Experience: Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson concert and the Kiss and Def Leopard concert

Hobbies: Reading, going to amusement parks with her husband and children, playing board games, Wii, karaoke

Favorite Food: 5 layer dinner her husband makes, which is a layer each of potatoes, carrots, canned peas, hamburger, and straight tomato soup from the can over the top of the hamburger

The phrase “pay it forward” means giving a gift or advantage you once received to someone else. Amantha essentially does this every day as a student advisor at Saint Leo. Because she had such an amazing experience and relationship with her advisor as she earned her degree online, she now tries to create and maintain that same type of experience and relationship with the students she advises. A current online student herself, Amantha worked in online higher education for six years before joining Saint Leo. As evidenced by her time spent in online education (either as a student or working professional), it should come as no surprise to know that if she wasn’t advising students, Amantha says she’d be an online algebra instructor.