Advisor Tidbits for Success

Advice from the Advisor

Earning your online degree isn’t easy, so we’re happy to share with you helpful tips for academic success.

Online programs can be challenging at first, especially if you’re a busy working professional, parent, and spouse. That said we’d like to share with you a few tips that can help you manage your time, friends, and family while you earn your online degree:


  • Get in the Zone: Designate a room in your home as a “classroom zone.” Use this space to listen to lectures, complete assignments, engage with classmates, etc. A designated study space will help minimize your distractions and keep you focused.
  • Communicate Your Schedule: Decide which dates and times you will dedicate to your classes and when you plan to study or tackle assignments throughout the week. Be sure to inform your friends and family. Try to stick to your schedule to avoid compromising course work time and being inconsistent with your availability.
  • Reach Out: Take the initiative and introduce yourself to your fellow classmates, either through email or chat. Making connections with other students reduces the isolation factor and gives you the chance to meet people who may have connections or career goals in common with you. They also could end up being be a great resource for you throughout the term.
  • Ask for Assistance: Get support from friends or family members to help you with regular responsibilities so you can dedicate more time to your classwork. Is there a fellow soccer mom or dad who can pick your daughter up from school and take her to practice a few times a week?
  • Get Organized: Create subfolders for each class you take and include them in a “Saint Leo University” folder. Be sure to keep all relevant materials from your classes. Not only are they helpful for the time being, they may come in handy for future courses or assignments.
  • Back Up Materials: In addition to saving your folders, coursework, papers, etc. on your laptop or desktop, save these materials on an external device too. Backing up materials takes only minutes, and can save you hours of frustration recreating a lost assignment or paper. You may want to pick one day a week as your “back up day” for your material.
  • Use Free Time Wisely: Take your course books and materials with you to work. Use down time or your lunch hour to catch up on reading or assignments. Every little bit of free time helps!
  • Synch Up with a Classmate: Identify someone in your class who may want to study or listen to lectures during the same time as you throughout the term. You may find yourself more committed to a schedule when someone else is involved.

For more information on how to succeed in an online learning environment, please visit Saint Leo’s blog!