Online Learning Toolkit

Don't follow your dream. Lead it.

Ready to complete your college degree but wondering if you’re ready to do it online?

Sure, an online program offers more flexibility to balance educational goals with work and family commitments – and, perhaps, military service. But how do you know if you’re a good candidate for online classes? What’s online learning like? And how do choose the right program?

Founded more than 125 years ago, Saint Leo University was the first Catholic college in Florida and also one of the first schools in the nation to offer online learning. We’ve been making a college education a reality for busy adult learners via online degree programs since 1998.

So we understand your questions.

That’s why we’ve developed these valuable resources to help guide you through the decision-making process. We call it the Online Learning Toolkit, and it’s yours free to download now.

Here’s what’s included:

Are You Ready for Online Learning 10-Step Guide

Where do you begin? What are the issues you should be aware of as you consider taking courses online? Is online learning right for you?

This e-book outlines the fundamental things to consider as you begin to explore online programs and provides 10 simple steps that can help prepare you for success.

Choosing an Online Degree Program E-book

Now that you understand the basics of online learning and have decided it’s the path for you, the next step is to find the right program. This e-book gives you some essential tips for doing that.

Chapters include: “Turn Your Dreams into Goals,” “Focus on Accreditation,” and “Ask the Right Questions.”

Online Degree Programs Comparison Guide

What criteria should you use to evaluate different online degree programs? This tool is a checklist of the most important questions to discuss with an enrollment counselor at every school you’re considering.

To get you started and save you some time, the checklist includes information on Saint Leo University.

Adult Learner’s Guide to Finding Scholarships & Grants

Looking for resources to help pay for college? Money is available for non-traditional learners like you, if you know where to look.

To get you started on that search, this guide offers websites and tools to use as well as links to more than 60 private scholarships open to adults re-entering college and online learners.

Achieve Magazine Issue #1

A magazine for prospective students of Saint Leo University's online graduate programs.

Highlights of this issue include:

  • What's the Value of a Graduate Degree?
  • Rising to the Challenge
    Cambridge Professional of the Year credits his Saint Leo M.B.A. program with providing critical leadership skills
  • Great Expectations
    Young M.S.W. program has already earned a reputation for rigor, excellence
  • Plugged in for Success
    Full-time dad and full-time employee finds opportunity in online education
  • Prevailing Wins
    Alum now helps others chart their own course
  • Head of the Class
    One M.B.A. student shares how she “does it all”
  • Deve Deep with a D.B.A. Degree
  • Honor Role
    Criminal Justice Graduate Program emphasizes practical and ethical survival skills
  • Financial Aid
    What you'll need to know

Achieve Magazine Issue #2

A magazine for prospective students of Saint Leo University's online graduate programs.

Highlights of this issue include:

  • What's the Value of a Graduate Degree?
  • Hire Calling
    Values-based D.B.A. out to transform the way America does business
  • Delve Deep with a D.B.A. Degree
  • Career Evaluation
    Aerospace program manager takes his capabilities to new heights with M.B.A.
  • The Queen of Data
    M.Ed. graduate helps her district make sense of educational data
  • Digital Defense
    Master of Cybersecurity Program answers call to combat growing threat of cyber crime
  • Business Development Partnership
  • Golden Opportunity
    Former Marine advises military students to take advantage of the Yellow Ribbon tuition program
  • Positive Direction
    Theology student forms strong ties in intimate and convenient online program
  • Financial Aid
    What you'll need to know