Accelerated M.B.A.

One-Year M.B.A. Online Track

You’ve worked hard to attain your current business position, and you’re determined to reach even higher. So you’ve decided to go to the next level in your education and pursue an M.B.A.

But how you earn your advanced business degree can say a lot about you, your work ethic, and your leadership potential – and further distinguish you in the business world.

That’s why you may want to consider an accelerated M.B.A. online.

In today’s environment, driven business professionals need to set themselves apart. While challenging, earning a graduate business degree in a compressed amount of time can provide a competitive edge.


Here’s what you can expect from Saint Leo’s one-year M.B.A. online track:


  • To take two courses each eight-week term continuously for six terms
  • To commit 20-24 hours per week to the program
  • To actively engage with faculty and students who are experienced business professionals
  • To earn an M.B.A. from a regionally accredited university in one year


Benefits of completing an accelerated M.B.A.


  • Ability to take advantage of an immediate career opportunity
  • Intensified dedication, organization, and attention to detail required for multiple classes simultaneously can increase your level of focus and success
  • Accelerated approach enhances your resume indicating commitment and motivation
  • Opportunity to further develop critical business skills and knowledge


Flexibility and support to ensure success

While you have the ambition to complete an M.B.A in one year, you may have concerns about balancing such a rigorous course load with career and family commitments.

At Saint Leo, we work with you to ensure your success. If your travel schedule intensifies, or unexpected family circumstances require your attention, you have the option to reduce your course load to one class. All courses are readily available each term, so you can stay on track towards achieving your goal.


Degree Requirements

And remember, all of Saint Leo’s M.B.A. degree programs are 100 percent online to accommodate the busy lifestyles of today’s mobile business professionals.

Master's of Business Administration students take up to two courses per eight-week term. Students can complete the 36 credits required for graduation in as little as one year, or may extend their studies for as long as five years. You may start the Saint Leo online M.B.A. programs at any of the six terms each year, and—with director approval—can pursue up to two M.B.A. concentrations concurrently.