Graduate Certificate in Theology

The Graduate Certificate in Theology (GR.CE.TH) at Saint Leo University provides students with a solid foundation and broad introduction to the major disciplines of academic theology from the perspective of Roman Catholic Tradition and within the ecumenical setting of contemporary theological research and dialogue.

The goal of this certificate is to provide students with a graduate-level critical knowledge of biblical, systematic, historical, pastoral, and moral theology applicable to a variety of vocations, including lay pastoral ministry, religious education, diaconal ministry, secondary education, chaplaincy, and further graduate study.

Theology courses prepare graduates to:

The Graduate Certificate in Theology Mission Statement: To serve the mission of evangelization of the Catholic Church with a commitment to servant-leadership by providing quality graduate theological education in an ecumenical spirit.

Certificate Requirements

Students may obtain a graduate certificate in theology by completing 18 credit hours of graduate work in theology. The six graduate courses needed for a graduate certificate should be selected with regard to the student’s professional needs and interests and in consultation with the Director of the Graduate Program in Theology.

For a complete listing of available Theology courses, please click here.


Electives (18 Credits)

Total Credits 18