Graduate Certificate in Marketing Research and Social Media Analytics

The School of Business' Marketing Research and Social Media Analytics certificate program combines a rich mix of traditional coursework with the most current information and best practices in the field.

Online MRSMA specialization courses explore:

  • Marketing Research
  • Data Mining
  • Gamification Applications in Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Individuals who possess a graduate degree will obtain the 18 graduate hours required to be eligible to teach MRSMA at the undergraduate level.

Our online graduate certificate in Marketing Research and Social Media Analytics is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), a professional accreditor for business programs in student-centered colleges and universities throughout the world.

Certificate Requirements

Marketing Research and Social Media Analytics Courses (18 credits)

  • Course
  • Course Name
  • Credits
  • COM 515 Data Mining 3

    This course introduces basic concepts, tasks, methods, and techniques in data mining. The emphasis is on various data mining problems and their solutions. Students will develop an understanding of the data mining process and issues, learn various techniques for data mining, and apply the techniques in solving data mining problems using data mining tools and systems. Students will also be exposed to a sample of data mining applications.

  • MBA 565 Marketing 3

    This course considers the operational and strategic planning issues confronting managers in marketing. Topics include buyer behavior, market segmentation, product selection and development, pricing, distribution, promotion, market research, and international and multicultural marketing. Additional fee applies for marketing computer simulation.

    Prerequisites: MBA 525

  • MKT 567 Marketing Research 3

    Marketing research is the way companies obtain critical information about their customers, competitors, and the environment. This course provides a rigorous experience in the key marketing research methods with the purpose of helping students to ask relevant marketing questions, search for the appropriate methodology, and make effective decisions based on the research output. Techniques of data collection, evaluation of alternative sources of information, methods for analyzing data and being aware of its limitations, and presenting the results are covered.

    Prerequisites: MBA 565

  • MKT 570 Gamification Applications in Marketing 3

    The course provides a comprehensive training into gamification, a technique based on insights from games to make marketing exchanges more efficient. The students will learn how to use gamification concepts to increase customer involvement, purchases and loyalty. They will also be able to apply gamification concepts to increase salespeople and employee motivation, performance, and job satisfaction, as well as to increase employee involvement and learning.

  • MKT 575 Web Analytics 3

    The course explains what web analytics is, and provides key instructions on how to design a comprehensive web analytics strategy. It focuses on how to apply analytical techniques correctly, how to assess the effectiveness of social media and multichannel campaigns, how to optimize success by leveraging experimentation, and how to employ the proper tools and tactics for listening to your customers.

  • MKT 580 Social Media Marketing GR 3

    This course provides students with the tools to utilize social media as a key component of a company’s marketing strategy. It focuses on presenting business strategies that generate value by applying and adjusting cutting-edge marketing techniques online. In addition, it applies web analytics to measure and assess the effectiveness of the social media marketing activities. The purpose of the course is to prepare the students to develop, manage, measure, and adjust both traditional and social media marketing strategies in a way that maximizes a company’s long-term competitive advantage.

Electives (0 Credits)

Total Credits 18