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Minor in Hospitality Management

A minor in Hospitality Management provides students with an opportunity to complement their major in any discipline with essential courses preparing the student to be a manager in various segments within the hospitality industry. This minor also provides students with professional opportunties in a diverse and exciting career field that often utilizes the knowledge and expertise gained within their major.

Minor Requirements

Hospitality Management Courses (15 credits)

  • Course
  • Course Name
  • Credits
  • IHT 120 Introduction to Hospitality Management 3

    One of the world’s fastest growing industries, the hospitality industry provides service to people while traveling away from home. The word hospitality is derived from the Latin root hospes, which means host or guest. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, hospitable is defined as “given to generous and cordial reception of guests”. This is the business of hospitality.

    This course will open student’s eyes to this exciting and ever changing industry as a viable career choice. Heavily reliant on guest service, this industry requires many line works and the managers to direct them properly. Introduction to Hospitality management will provide a first look at various segments of the industry and the range of jobs that are available. Segments such as hotels, food and beverage, cruise ships, gaming etc. will be explored. By the end of the course students should have developed a solid foundation to continue coursework in upper level hospitality and tourism management.

  • IHT 210 Guest Service Management 3

    As hospitality managers it is important to understand that the goal of hospitality is to create experiences for our guests, not just provide good service. Guest service is an essential component of the guest experience. Understanding the skills needed to provide service excellence is a must for all future hospitality managers. This course will provide the knowledge needed to understand the importance of service excellence as well as the skills to create a service culture of excellence in any hospitality organization.

    Prerequisites: IHT 120 - Introduction to Hospitality Management

  • MGT 331 Management of Human Resources 3

    This course is designed to identify and explore the various human resource functions that create a cohesive framework leading to the achievement of organizational effectiveness through enlightened human resource systems management. This is a basic course for "operating managers" as well as "human resource managers."

    Prerequisites: MGT 301

  • Complete two courses from the following choices: (6 credits)
    • IHT 305 Restaurant Management

      Operational management of a successful food service facility is studied. Restaurant characteristics, menu planning, service techniques, kitchen design, sanitation and safety, and food handling from ordering to preparation are featured.

      Prerequisites: IHT 220

    • IHT 310 Lodging Management

      This course examines the organizational structure and staffing of various lodging facilities such as hotels, vacation ownership resorts and bed and breakfast inns. This includes the activities, duties, functions, and systems required to manage and to operate them profitably. This course also emphasizes the interdependent relationship between departments which is crucial for success of the lodging facility.

      Prerequisites: IHT 120

    • IHT 330 Meetings and Event Management

      This course examines the lucrative MICE industry (meetings, incentives, conventions, and expositions). We will explore each of the major sectors of this industry (i.e. venues, sponsorship, exhibitions destination management companies (DMV’s), convention and visitors bureaus (CVB’s), etc. This class will provide students the foundation for the meetings and event industry including industry terms and vocabulary.

    • IHT 410 Resort and Private Club Management

      Tourists have visited seaside and mountainside resorts for centuries. With the advent of the jet age, the resort industry has expanded to provide a variety of resorts based on specific recreational activities, climates, and natural resources. This course studies how these all-inclusive mini-destinations are promoted, and managed. In addition, a study of the history, development, operation and management of various private clubs including yacht, country and city clubs. Emphasis will be placed on the operational aspects.

      Prerequisites: IHT 120 - Introduction to Hospitality Management and IHT 310 - Lodging Management

    • IHT 425 Internship in International Hospitality and Tourism

      Internships are the experiential component of the IHT major. They are privileged positions that enable students to build on classroom theory by gaining professional experience under the guidance of an accomplished mentor at a host agency that furthers their career aspirations. Students have the option of fulfilling the internship requirement of 6-12 credit hours in individual 3-credit hour increments or performing them at one time. Internships can also be performed internationally. Offered fall, spring, and summer semesters.

      Prerequisites: Permission of IHT Academic Advisor

Electives (0 Credits)

Total Credits 15