Minor in Criminal Justice

A minor in criminal justice at Saint Leo University increases your understanding of business and criminal justice administration principles needed to succeed in today's ever-changing law enforcement environment.

The School of Education & Social Services' criminal justice courses—taught by instructors with up-to-date, hands-on experience—survey the U.S. legal and criminal justice systems.

One of the leading military colleges in the United States, Saint Leo University has been educating criminal justice professionals for more than three decades. In the Catholic spirit, we base our criminal justice model on a steadfast moral consciousness that recognizes the dignity, value, and gifts of all people.

Minor Requirements

Criminal Justice Courses (21 credits)

  • Course
  • Course Name
  • Credits
  • POL 123 or CRM 123 Introduction to Law and the Legal System 3

    This course is an introductory survey of the history, structures, and processes of the American legal system. It is designed to be taken as a first University-level course in law, and should precede more specialized courses such as criminal, business, or constitutional law. Covered are basic legal concepts such as due process; the structure of the U.S. court system; and the major subdivisions of law such as civil procedure, criminal procedure, or the law of torts. Understanding the role of law in society, the analysis of judicial reasoning, and the application of legal concepts to factual situations are stressed.

  • CRM 220 Survey of the Criminal Justice System 3

    An introductory overview of the American criminal justice system examines crime and victimization trends, crime prevention programs, law enforcement, prosecution, defense, adjudication, sentencing, corrections, and criminal justice policy making.

  • Any of five core or concentration criminal justice courses (15 credits)

Total Credits 21