Catholic Roots

Faith is one of those rare qualities that lives inside each of us, capable of remaining constant when dedicated and unwavering beliefs are present.

At Saint Leo University, faith has remained a constant since 1889, when the Florida legislature authorized the Order of Saint Benedict of Florida to establish the university.

Our mission to truly live the rich Catholic values of individual and collective excellence is still as firmly intact today as it has been from our beginning.

As the oldest Catholic institution of higher education in Florida, Saint Leo University welcomes online learners of all faiths, and those with no religious affiliation.

Respect for All

One of our proudest moments in Saint Leo's history was the decision end racial segregation, and integrate our campus in the deep South in 1898, long before it was even legal to do so in the state of Florida.

Again, we did the right rather than popular thing when in 1973, the institution chose to expand our programs to military bases to educate military men and women at the height of the Vietnam anti-war movement.

In our mission and our actions, Saint Leo University demonstrates the Catholic value of respect for all.

Learning Across Faiths

Our vast history of integrity and responsible stewardship is uniquely woven into our academic curriculum. We maintain a student-centered online environment that challenges each of us to listen, learn, change, and serve, regardless of our faith or religious affiliation.

In the spirit of personal development and growth, our online undergraduate students take—as part of their general education core—three courses in religion or philosophy, with no Christian or Catholic-specific subject requirements.

Making a Difference through Online Education

With our commitment to faith underscoring all that we do, Saint Leo is always looking forward, redefining long-distance education for the 21st century. Our determination to make higher education more accessible to all has made us a world leader in online education.

We feel the work we do is making a difference—the kind of difference we hope, as your alma mater, will make you proud.